Up To 3/4 of Lice Population Now Resistant To Conventional Treatments

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – You have heard about lice, but what about “super lice?”

Lice has become resistant to conventional shampoo treatments. A study of lice by UMass Amherst pesticide toxicologist John Marshall found that 2/3 to 3/4 of lice are now immune to conventional treatments, and are classified as “super lice.”

Lice is most commonly spread when people touch heads, and children remain particularly at risk, because school is still in session.

It is harder to remove lice from long hair than it is from short hair, because of small lice known as “nits.”

Dr. Yolanda Lenzy of Lenzy Dermatology and Hair Loss Center in Chicopee told 22News how to get rid of “super lice.”

“Lice, just like bacteria, can become resistant when exposed to the same agents over and over again. So with anything, it is important to rotate treatment plans when something is not working,” Lenzy said.

Pesticide resistance dates back to World War II.

The FDA has approved three prescription treatments to get rid of lice, which suffocates the lice with a high level of alcohol.

It’s important to remember that just because someone has lice, it does not necessarily mean that they are unclean.

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DFW Parents & School Professionals: New Study Links Chemicals in OTC Head Lice Treatments to Abnormal Behavior in Children

A new study published in the journal Occupational & Environmental Medicine has linked a common chemical found in head lice treatments to behavioral difficulties in children.

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DFW Shoppers: Be Sure to Wash New Clothes

Lice Clinics of America Connecticut Lice Treatment

Shopping, the great American pastime for many including folks in the Dallas Fort-Worth region. If you’re a careful shopper, you’ll try all your options before making a final decision. The bad news is, most likely, so did countless other people before you. What lies within the weaves can be transmitted from host to host. While head lice can’t live long without an organic host, they can attach to the natural fibers and be passed to you. Gasp! Are you bringing home an unwanted guest with those new jeans?

As Donald Belsito, a professor of dermatology at Columbia University Medical Center in New York told the WSJ, dressing rooms are breeding grounds for bacteria, lice and fungus. “I have seen cases of lice that were possibly transmitted from trying on in the store, and there are certain infectious diseases that can be passed on through clothing,” he tells the WSJ. There is no way to know who has been in those clothes before you, and further, where the clothes themselves come from. So once you’ve made your purchase, be sure to wash it well in warm or hot water to ensure that’s all you bring home!