We offer families in the Dallas-Fort Worth area a range of effective Head Lice Treatment options.

We kill lice and eggs (nits) using our FDA-Cleared medical device proven with over 700,000 successful treatments worldwide.
We also provide a solution to treat Lice by yourself at home.

Our Most Popular Treatment:


The professional AirAllé® medical device is FDA-cleared. It works with controlled dry heated air to dehydrate lice and their eggs/nits. No toxic pesticides or harsh chemicals!

A certified AirAllé technician will perform a 30 minute treatment using the AirAllé® Device. After the lice and eggs have been killed, our technician will complete the treatment with a 30-60 minute comb-out to remove all of the dead lice and nits. After we finish by putting a final oil rinse you will be done and 100% lice free! No need for more appointments or follow ups. No hidden fees.

In certain instances, the comb out may take longer. This could be due to the amount and length of hair or the level of infestation.

Flexible spending account approved! We also accept CareCredit – Apply Here.

This treatment is 100% guaranteed for 30 days. In order to qualify for our guarantee, all members of the household (and secondary households when applicable) must be screened by Lice Clinics DFW staff and either cleared or treated by us. We do not give refunds. If evidence of a continuing lice infestation is observed within 30 days of the initial treatment we will treat you again with no additional charge.

Lice Clinics DFW (AirAllé treatment) is the preferred treatment for schools with a no-nit policy. We will give you a Treatment Certificate for your child to bring back to school.

Do-It-Yourself Head Lice Treatment

On a budget? We also have the DIY Kit Option. This kit includes all the non-toxic products we use on our treatments:

Enzyme Mousse: softens the nits glue to make them easier to remove or comb-out
Oil rinse (with dimethicone): To suffocate any hatched lice.
Terminator Lice Comb: The best metal comb to remove lice and nits. The ridged teeth are close together to remove lice and nits effectively.
Preventive Spray: The peppermint spray will help prevent new lice infestations.

AIRALLÉ® “Heated Air Only” Treatment

This option gives you the peace of mind of knowing that our certified technicians have already killed the lice and their nits and you only need to remove them at home with an easy comb out.

We recommend you the metal comb and the non-toxic products that we use in our comb outs.

Traditional Lice Comb-Out Treatment

We don’t recommend the heated air treatment on children younger than 4 years old or in some people with contraindications. In those cases we offer the option of doing the classic strand by strand comb-out to remove lice and nits using only non-toxic products.

Typical treatment time is 1.5 – 2 hours.

Head Lice Screening

$30 per person

If you think you may have head lice or have been exposed, we provide a thorough examination to identify head lice and nits to determine if a treatment is needed. School and camp head screenings also available at a discount, call for more information.